Why Nutrient Density Is More Important Than Calorie Density

Having an Indian- African ethnicity has enriched me with an  enlightening understanding of Ayurveda approach. This Indian approach dates back 5000 years( Buddhism stemmed from the tradition 2000 years later). Ayurveda’s central thread is balance, you don’t fix health issues, you heal with balance. I like this, living a a low refined sugar, wholesome, natural diet for life is about finding your own balance through food and energy restoration. Eatwell’s concept incorporates a lot of Ayurvedic philosophy and practices. This tradition incorporates diet as well as other lifestyle practices and works to three  doshas, or body types( Vata,Pitta,Kapha). Each of us is a combination of all three types, but tend to have one that dominates. EatWell is about ensuring our diet and doshas are happy and balanced, not aggravated. I do this by no- faddy dieting, moderation, tweaking, quality and variation in the foods we eat.

North Norfolk Nutrition, EatWell nutritional coaching is about  acknowledging the effects of our society’s repetitive high sugar, high gluten, overly processed and chemical laden foods in our diets what ever your goal or health concern may be. These foods have become so much a part of the mainstream eating habits that we can become confused and misconceptions arise about what a healthy diet actually is. EatWell services are about variety, balance, moderation, health and trying to eat as close to natural as possible. In essence, this means taking the best ingredients and foods from the plant and animal kingdoms as humans have always done.

I encourage you to eat organic vegetables, sustainable and ethically caught wild fish and grass-fed naturally reared, free-range meat.  Also trying to including high quality dairy and a whole range of healthy fats. This produce is better for the environment, local economy and in my opinion it really does taste better and is often far better real value for money.

Try to avoid processed foods, refined carbohydrates and sugar and chemical sweeteners. Instead stick to pseudocereals, such as quinoa, amaranth, seasonal fruits and naturally sweetened ingredients such as raw honey and maple syrup that have nutritional value.

I urge you  to steer clear of food products that scream out ‘low fat’ and ‘0% fat ‘ as well as those promoted as low calorie low sugar. Limit the amounts of margarine, spreads,’ sugar-free’ cakes, cereal bars along with products that make radical health claims like speeding up your metabolism… or contain ingredients you don’t recognise. Think of these foods as empty and artificial foods that cause stress to the body.

Humans evolved to eat natural foods, foods that were  foraged, hunted or grown. Many of us have lost the connection to the food we eat. Exercising multiple times and popping supplements does not counteract the ill effects of a undernourished diet.

I don’t believe in strict fad dieting or that good health whether you are an elite athlete or inactive is as simple as ‘calories in, calories out’ .This is not a natural way of evaluating what your eating.  My philosophy is to eat more variety, high quality food,to analyse and listen to our bodies health. Mindful eating……